Founding Story

The moment of realization came the night when we were granted bail for insurgency (“guilty of the riot offence”). We realised some arrested people are in dire need of employment support. A case in point would be that many who are full-time students, have to work arduously for a living with part-time, or even full-time jobs. 


Here’s the problem. Bail conditions are becoming harsher than ever. For example, charges other than rioting share similar bail conditions, where our young people are required to report to the police station up to three times per week. Furthermore, the date of court appearance is unchangeable and notification is made abruptly, for example, 6pm the day before. In this light, these people could not easily apply for leave, let alone approaching their superiors for such matter, with the fear that they might be retributed. In worse cases, they are required to abide by the curfew order – to be at home starting from 11 or 12pm, where overtime work risks the violation of the order. These job-seekers find it extremely inconvenient to let their colleagues or superiors know about their identities, and at the same time, constantly risking the violation of bail conditions in their daily lives. So, they risk instant remand and potential bail prohibition.


Along the way, we learn that apart from the aforementioned defendants who are in need of employment support, there are those who have contacted us due to adversities induced by the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement (“movement” below). Some lost their jobs because of their declared stance, strike actions and participations in the movement, while others are cut off (both living and financially) from their families.


Therefore, we have previously set up a job-matching platform on Telegram. Hopefully by aligning devoted-conscientious employers and needy employees, we could offer a bit of employment support along with this ongoing movement, achieving our objectives of allowing our brothers and sisters to “get a job”, “get work to do” and “get paid”.  Concurrently, we hope that our job-seekers could fulfil bail conditions or handle legal matters with the least worry in their living. We shall try our best to help.